WATER SOFIA - another step forward for a cleaner industry

WATER SOFIA has presented solutions for the water industry and solutions for the treatment
of liquids in a wide range of industrial productions. There were presented services for design, construction and operation of facilities, technical management, maintenance and training.

There have been demonstrated technologies designed for municipalities but also ones accessible to private households

The variety of solutions was presented by more than 50 companies - representatives and distributors of world producers at WATER SOFIA - the largest exhibition for the water sector
in Bulgaria

From April 4th to 6th the latest products were displayed directly from producers from Austria, Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland, Romania, Turkey, as well as from distributors in Bulgaria.


Blue Circular Economy

The priorities, perspectives and requirements of the water and sewerage sector for more efficient work was the focus at the 9th BULAQUA conference on Blue Circular Economy. The forum organized by the Bulgarian Water Association offered a variety of modern technologies for water purification in the industry, the public sector and the households. "In circular ring economy, products and materials have a longer lifecycle and generate more value, reduce waste, optimize resource use through recycling patterns," explained Economy Minister Teodor Sedlarski at the opening of the conference. Minister of Environment Irina Kostova drew attention to the best solutions for more efficient use of natural resources.

Progress in technology, also reflected in WATER SOFIA's accompanying program, has taken another step forward in seeking the best solutions for the water sector.


Suction force

A 26 t vacuum excavator was among the attractions of the exhibition and impressed not only the specialists of the water and sewerage operators. The excavator CAPBORA by Cappellotto Spa, an efficient and beautiful machine, collects and transports solid and liquid waste, fractions, stones, gravel, sand. The excavator's capacity is 10,000 liters and the intake capacity is 9,6 m3 / hour. The machine has a lifting mechanism for the fast unloading container up to a height of 2.5 meters and a water pressure system for cleaning and liquefying solid overlays.


Pump efficiency

The exhibition demonstrated extremely diverse pump and pumping systems, pressure boosting solutions. The exhibits to be seen included Shakti Pumps - a global manufacturer of energy-efficient submersible pumps, Grundfos pumps, with a wide range of different fields - heating and air conditioning, water supply from drilling, domestic water supply, steam production.

The product range of Zehnder Pumpen extends from small submersible pumps through various garden pumps, dirty and waste water pumps, household vending machines, drilling pumps. Grindex Dewatering Drainage Pumps can handle water that contains abrasive particles and can run dry without problems.


The quality of purification

The modern solutions for the industry and everyday life were abundant in this year's edition of WATER SOFIA. The businesses demonstrated a variety of comprehensive water management solutions - from drinking water, through water preparation for industrial needs, rainwater management, wastewater treatment and purification. The best small wastewater treatment plant, installed over 50,000 times worldwide, has raised a growing interest among the public with its innovative technology for remote control and stand-alone operation of the facility. It is mobile, in the form of a container and accessible to households, municipalities, commerce and industry. This variety of devices included a sophisticated combined sludge purification technology - simplified, automated, low-power. The world’s best patented membrane technology for purification was also demonstrated.


Purity of filtration

At WATER SOFIA visitors have seen a complete range of multimedia filters that remove inorganic pollutants such as iron, manganese, arsenic, nickel, mercury and others. Selective filtration is a powerful process that is often applied to pretreatment in other technologies such as desalination with reverse osmosis. Some companies have paid attention to home cleaning systems. An appliance with 5-stage filter system provides water purification by effectively removing all hazardous pollutants. Automated and practical, the system is economically the best solution for the daily supply of healthy water for the home and office.


The 11th International Water Show Sofia was held in parallel with the exhibition MachTech & InnoTech Expo for industrial machinery and equipment. This expanded the palette of technology and solutions, which was mutually beneficial to many of the participants in the capital city exhibition complex. The two exhibitions were joined by many companies for measuring equipment and control, whose activity is extremely important for the development of all sectors of industry.


The events are planned in parallel in 2018, between March 27-29.