WATER SOFIA - another step forward for a cleaner industry

WATER SOFIA has presented solutions for the water industry and solutions for the treatment
of liquids in a wide range of industrial productions. There were presented services for design, construction and operation of facilities, technical management, maintenance and training.

Amiantit Pipe Systems with a variety of pipes

Amiantit Pipe Systems (APS), member of Amiantit Group, joined the exhibition WATER SOFIA with a variety of pipes. The company is present on the Balkan market since 2002, becoming one of the leading suppliers of systems for pipes, fittings for municipal and industrial applications.

Ceramic membrane filter for water treatment

SAINT-GOBAIN ceramic membrane filters from recrystallized silicon carbide for the preparation of pool water in public pools .They are operated in dead-end- mode. Which means, the complete pool water has to pass the porous, filtration-active membrane, ensuring that all particles are held back by the membrane.

Specialized softening stations by Bis – Trade

"BIS - TRADE" Ltd. is a Bulgarian company distributing various components, systems and accessories for filtering. During WATER SOFIA, the company will present specialized softening stations, filters for coarse and fine filtration of water and fluids and chemicals for heat exchange systems.

Wide product range from Aqua Jet

Aqua Jet will take part in the exhibition Water Sofia with a wide product range from water blasting units, model USL11 / 500-E, electric pump for hydraulic testing, model EP601 / D200, and electric actuators.

Combined process for wastewater treatment in communities

The combined water treatment process based on activated sludge technology by HAFI Project & Technology GmbH is a sophisticated and advanced version of the conventional method of treatment with activated sludge. The main differences concern sludge-water separation and recycling of the sludge.